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Teepee Party pink and gold

Our celestial theme is elegant and fun. Twinkling stars and glowing moons sure to inspire sweet dreams and memories.

Mermaid Party

Enjoy an underwater adventure in our mermaid themed tent party.   

Red and White Camping Party

Glamp in style with the Camp-Out teepee theme.
All the fun of sleeping in
the great outdoors without
those pesky mosquitos.

Hot Pink and Black Slumber Party Teepees

The perfect color combination of Black White and Pink. 

Neon Pink Teepee Slumber Party

Life in Pink also known as La Vie en Rose. Dream in pink!

Taylor Swift Slumber Party

“This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go.” Bring the concert back to your house with our Taylor Swift themed set-up.

Camouflage Theme Party

It's always perfect weather for indoor camping with this woodsy  camo theme 

Fortnite Party

It's always Game Time with our Fortnite theme. Bursting with colors from the most popular video game.

Happy Colors Rainbow Slumber Party

Vibrant Rainbows and Fluffy Clouds will fill your dreams as you spend some time inside our rainbow themed teepees. 

Unicorn Teepee Party

Transport your slumber 
party to the magical
land of unicorns and
pastel rainbows.

Pink Flowers Slumber Party Teepee

Bring in the Spring with our pinktastic theme, sure to appeal to princesses and pink lovers of all ages.

Harry Potter Slumber Party Tents

"We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already" J.K. Rowling


A classic theme of Black, White and Silver. Styled with or without tents.


Icy Blues, snowflakes and sparkles make this slumber party a cozy dream.

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